Seeking Recovery

Transitioning out of Treatment

Sustaining Recovery

Support for Family and Loved Ones. 

Empowering individuals by meeting them where they are, helping to remove obstacles and supporting them through all phases of recovery.

In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike.                                                And no two journeys along the same path are alike.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Paul Coelho

24/7 Help Line

Our 24/7 confidential helpline is staffed by CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) trained coaches. Meeting you where you are and addressing your unique situation and needs. Assistance navigating treatment options as well as post-treatment resources.

Telephone Recovery Support

Connect with a peer. CCAR trained recovery coaches will provide one on one telephone support and check in calls to anyone requesting regular follow-up. 

Meet The Team


Nicole Federici

Nicole is a lifelong resident of Monmouth County. She is married and the mother of three boys. During her son’s teen years, substance use became apparent as an issue in her home. She struggled in the chaos. Nicole became dedicated to caring for herself, and learning about how to best deal with substance use disorder. Throughout her experience, she noticed gaps within the system and learned how to navigate treatment, insurances and daily life. She felt called to help families and individuals who suffered in isolation and shame.

Nicole co-founded Rafts, Inc in 2017 to meet the needs of the community to have accessible support and resources for individuals and families impacted by substance use disorder. Rafts remains focused on reducing stigma and shame by increasing awareness. Nicole brings her experience as a mom to encourage and bring hope to others. It is her hope that we get to a point where non -judgmental support is the standard and multiple pathways are embraced. It is my honor to serve and work with people who have been impacted by this disease.


Dave Clauser

Dave brings his experience with the OORP and County STAR programs to RAFTS in the hopes of maximizing RAFTS peer support services.


Kevin Murphy

Kevin with 12 years in recovery and five years working in the field brings his passion to RAFTS and all that he does. "I can relate to where a person is coming from since I have been there." Kevin provides individualized peer to peer support, recognizing all paths to recovery are not the same."I have a strong passion to reach people who feel alone in their substance use. 


Tara Stock

Tara in long term recovery brings her personal and clinical experience to RAFTS and shares it with genuine compassion. Thinking outside the box with a desire to guide anyone seeking support to be the person they are truly meant to be. "" If you are reading this my thought is somewhere deep down you know you may need a little guidance, compassion, someone to just listen or help. So if I can be that person, to help get you to where you want to be, it would be my honor! "


Trish Bossone

I became a recovery coach because I knew I needed to be there for others who need help. I knew the importance of understanding the disease of addiction. After going through 10 years of my son's active addiction,I realized that I never would have made it through without the help of others who understood what I was going through. I decided that becoming a recovery coach was a great way to give back. I am thankful and very grateful for RAFTS coming into my life

Fran Klimaszewski

Fran along with her husband Don facilitates our family program.With extensive training's, personal life experiences and compassion Fran also assists in coordination of support and resources for family members. As a retired nurse who worked in the substance abuse treatment field her knowledge along with her dedication and compassion are invaluable to our community.


Donald Klimaszewski

Don in long term recovery has been helping recovering persons and families for nearly 40 years. Being familiar with the many concepts, rationales and practices Don recognizes the differences in people that make "one pathway" a hard or impossible fit in many cases. As a qualified trainer in all CCAR courses Don is an asset to RAFTS training academy. Along with his wife Fran Don also facilitates RAFTS family workshop.

Patrick Conley

Patrick came to be part of the RAFTS community by way of completing the Recovery Coach Academy, and realizing his life-passion.  As a former Family Mediator, and now a Recovery Specialist (CCAR, NAADAC certified), he brings a calmness, compassion, and his own personal experience, to identify with and help anyone with a desire for a better life in recovery.  His core belief is that, in helping others, we help ourselves toward a more purposeful, fulfilling life.


Sameer Doshi

Sameer brings decades of corporate experience and years of struggle for personal sobriety to the team. He is a strong believer of WellBriety (Emotional Sobriety) as a way to attain tranquility.

Robert Sumski

Robert is grateful to be in long term  recovery from alcohol addiction. He became a Recovery Coach with the goal  of helping others overcome their substance abuse disorders by sharing his own personal  journey and experiences with recovery. . He recognizes that recovery is different for each individual, and  believes that there are many paths to recovery.

Katie Kelly

Katie has years of lived experience both in recovery and as a family member affected by the struggles and loss of loved ones. She is trained as a peer recovery specialist, family support educator, and a certified trainer of future recovery coaches.
She comes from a background in education and is passionate and dedicated to providing guidance, education, and support to all.
We are worth our best selves. Understanding, accepting and willingness is the recipe for change.


Rachel Kiefer

I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for 30 years until I learned the difference between being sober and living in recovery . Addiction is 400-700% more likely in the LGBTQ community but with a strong program and peer support you can overcome your demons and embrace your true self.. I became a Peer Recovery Coach to help others find their way out of the dark despair of addiction. You don't have to fight this battle alone. When you are ready to walk the road to recovery, I am here to walk it with you...

Heather McGovern

Hello my name is Heather. I grew up locally and over many years had noticed there was a big need for help in recovery and substance abuse support of our local community. Having the experience of being someone who is in long term recovery and also being a family member of a sibling who is in recovery, I came to a meeting at RAFTS to see where I could help.Through training received at RAFTS I became a peer recovery coach. I am currently pursuing a career in the field of social work /counseling for drug and alcohol addiction. I have found my home and family at RAFTS .

24/7 Helpline