RAFTS Family Workshop


RAFTS Family Program is a supportive, educational meeting that welcomes all family members and friends who struggle with a loved ones substance use. Our continuous education and support program addresses the hardships of substance use and offers hope to the family.


Our family group facilitators are trained in C.R.A.F.T. (Community Reinforcement And Family Training) and follow the evidence-based curriculum's of MHANJ, Pro-Act and SMART, to engage the group. They provide a comfortable group setting where all are encouraged to listen, learn and share. Through the process, individuals are able to identify and deal with feelings and situations in a new, healthier way that often reduces stress. Families can then begin to heal.

Some topics explored are:

  • The 7 Elements of Positive Communication

  • Change and Motivation

  • Understanding Addiction

  • Self-Care


Meetings are held weekly, Monday nights at 7:00 pm, all are invited to attend. Registration is not required, you may join at anytime.​

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