Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Training


RAFTS training includes the 30-hour CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and the 16-hour Ethical Considerations for recovery coaching. This 46-hour intensive training academy focuses on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor, and support anyone who would like to enter or sustain long term recovery from substances.

RAFTS is an Approved Education Provider by the NJ Addiction Certification Board and this training meets the educational requirement for the CPRS credential.

Recovery Coach Academy


This 30-hour training provides individuals with an understanding of both the art and science of recovery coaching. CCAR Recovery Coach Academy curriculum prepares participants to guide and mentor others in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. By focusing on the goals of the individuals being served participants will learn the key fundamentals of this rewarding work which CCAR has identified as actively listening, asking really good questions, and treating people as their own best resource, all while discovering and managing their own stuff.

Ethical Considerations For Recovery Coaches


This 16-hour training focuses of the ethical challenges Recovery Coaches face while providing a framework for creating good boundaries that allow for the same level of connection without causing harm.

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