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RAFTS is a non-profit, non-clinical, peer-based Recovery Community Organization providing support and resources to individuals and families impacted by addiction. Long-term recovery is ABSOLUTELY possible; our stories are proof of that!

We are a peer-based organization run by people who have dealt with addiction and/or recovery, helping others navigate the process and find a way to successfully achieve and maintain a life free of substance use. Recovery happens in different ways for everyone, our mission is to offer solutions to fit each individual’s needs. We work with rehab centers in the area, we offer meetings and peer support, we help develop connections that are so valuable to sustained recovery. It is not only the person with addictive behaviors that needs help; their family and friends need guidance and support too. Navigating the road to recovery is tough, as well as the new life that begins once the recovery path has been chosen. We offer support the whole way through!